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Why? Because keeping you sick—and suffering through needless procedures—fuels a $200 billion-dollar-a-year industry that keeps greedy heart surgeons, medical lobbyists and Big Pharma in BIG MONEY! And Obamacare is only going to make matters worse by creating a bureaucratic nightmare medical vultures will manipulate to profit off sick Americans! No wonder they churn out the same old, ineffective heart treatments year after year—IF YOU GET WELL, THEY ALL GO BROKE!

Did you know: HALF of all bypass surgeries fail... 85% of patients don't even meet criteria for surgery... and stents provide NO benefit for the majority of patients. Doctors and hospitals don't care—they still get paid because American medical care is procedure-based! That means your wellness is not in the best interest of their profit margins!

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—Teobaldo C., Sunrise, FL

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